One Year In 90-Minutes

A 90-minute workshop to create your strategic brand marketing plan for the coming year.

Normally Callosm only works in 6 or 12-month client projects for businesses with $500K+ revenue, yet Clare's desire to help companies, yet this offer is a leg-up for those not able to commit to a more extended contract or with a lower revenue. Designed for Outdoor Industry start-ups and early-stage businesses, nonprofits, outfitters, and retailers.

  • Offered quarterly: See the registration drop-down for upcoming dates. 
  • Investment: $325

When our time together ends, you’ll:

  • Understand the formula of creating content once and using it over and over again
  • Have a road map (worksheet and spreadsheet) to hand to your marketing person
  • Be equipped to lead your team (and yourself) from a place of strategic planning versus reacting

While this is foundational, we are surprised at how often we find companies do not have a plan. Come out with a sign of relief rather than yet another thing on the calendar.

Are you wondering if it’s really worth $325? Determine 12% of your yearly total revenue. If it exceeds $325 then this workshop is a wise investment. (Baseline marketing budgets are typically 15% of your total revenue) Yes, it's an investment - and it comes with a return called content that converts! Cha-ching.

Are you in? Register below!

This session is hosted by: Founder/CEO, Clare Hefferren, your purpose sherpa with sass and compassion, who will guide you to understanding the tremendous value of purpose. Beyond being profitable >> Clare will help you bypass the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) and go straight to the quadruple bottom line (QBL) to transcend to a humanistic value-adding #4, purpose.

1 Year In 90-Minutes

Grab a seat and soak in the anticipation. Once enrolled, you will receive a Zoom Link for the workshop registration. A HUGE congrats for investing in yourself and your business.

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