an etiquette tip: lav⋅a⋅to⋅ry [lavuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] –noun, plural -ries. A room fitted with equipment for washing the hands & face & usually with flush toilet facilities. More commonly known as ‘the loo’. Basic rules of men’s restroom etiquette: 1] Choose a station as furthest from the others. 2] In case 1 cannot be achieved, use a stall. 3] TP out? Replace or notify the next guest. 4] No discussing office politics – you never know who’s in a stall. 5] Do not continue (or initiate) a cell call. 6] Do not continue your conversation that began in the hall. 7] No lingering. Meet in hall to improve efficiency. 8] Most importantly, wash your hands.

Clare Hefferren

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