When genders are working together it can sound like a personal relationship on occasion. Women asking the guys why they don’t participate in a discussion but then leave the meeting and have a bunch of ideas; or men asking the women why they take so long to make a point.

The way our brains are wired, according to recent research out of UC at Berkley really makes a difference in our processing. Women are more prone to thinking aloud and using that to come to a position while men go radio silent while they are thinking before making a statement.

If you’re a woman in a male dominated environment, don’t go processing aloud — it can frustrate the men who just want an answer. If your a man in a female dominated environment, don’t give the appearance that you’ve shutdown by processing internally without telling those around you what you’re thinking.

Source: Author, Josette Goldberg of Goldberg Executive Coaching & affiliate of Callosum Creative Ltd.

Clare Hefferren

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