leadership presence tip: Out in the world, I am increasingly saddened to see so many people resigned in their workplace. The cashier’s monotone regulatory “hello”… the subway blank stares… the hopelessness of pending unemployment. CNN Money confirms it. “Fewer than half of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs, the lowest level since record-keeping began 22 years ago.”

How do we swing the pendulum from “I work for the weekends” to “I love my work”? Let’s look in the mirror. You are in charge of your life. Reignite your power to choose and resist the habit of giving it away to the circumstances around you. Be proactive in improving your attitude, keeping your brain active and challenged will improve your lifespan. Start today as the author of your life. Create a brand YOU biography that’s a bestseller! I’ll leave you with my favorite quote: “Our primary job is to feel joy.” Dalai Lama.

Clare Hefferren

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