Are you race ready? This week, my strategic brain was in high gear. I am a triathlete. This Sunday is my final, my big, race of the season, The Chicago Triathlon — .93 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run. My goal is to finish in under three hours and fifteen minutes. I’ve trained for months; I’ve done visualization; and I’ve created a strategic race plan.

When speaking of branding, Callosum has two brands — the company brand and the brand of the owner, myself, Clare Hefferren. Each brand feeds off the other and align for the same strategic goals.

  • Callosum “races” with groups to show up to the big race (meeting, presentation, launch) consistently, polished, and memorable.
  • Clare races triathlons. She carries the spirit of consistency (endurance athlete), polish (suited stylish) and is memorable (known as the team cheerleader even as she races).

What’s your race today? Do you have a strategic plan?

Clare Hefferren

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