Our final post on the messaging behind People-First BrandingSM: Last week discussed how breakdowns show up personally and professionally when an individual has ineffective interactions. This week we discover the business implications. It may show up in a variety of ways including: a lack strategic business alignment, questionable real-world needs linkage; programming for programming sake; frequent stop-shorts; HR driven programs, status quo; staff potential slowly grinding down; weakened hiring value (As, Bs, Cs) or no growth.

Is there a better way? Callosum believes so. Invest in your staff and align human assets with the business strategy. Create consistency and support for the brand life and company. Fully utilize the staff potential. Strengthen hiring value potential. Align culture, company mission and brand promised. Optimize focus and growth of individuals to benefit team objectives. This is People-First BrandingSM.

Clare Hefferren

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