How does your image development directly correlate to success? I have a perfect story to share. This week one of my favorite clients quit her job. Imagine doing that in this economy. Why did she quit? She was recruited by a competitor. Word spread that she is a leader, a rainmaker, a brand ambassador for her industry. Three years ago she came to Callosum for help. She knew she was the smartest on the team, but wasn’t getting the attention of her superiors. She was being overlooked – literally.

Since coming to Callosum three years ago, she has been promoted three times, her most recent victory being a Vice President title! The honor of promotion comes with increased responsibility, sphere of influence and span of control — and requires an even greater executive presence.

How did she do it? She worked on her personal brand by learning what styles of clothing fit her shape. She focused her wardrobe on colors that called attention to her. She added feminine accessories to spice up the office-standard suit. Increasing her personal awareness by watching how her co-workers responded to her in different outfits and which ones she was wearing when she hit a home run, she knew what worked and what didn’t. She focused her personal brand by sticking to flattering shape/color, wearing a memorable item per outfit, and being consistent in her polished look to strategically align with the company’s organizational objectives. Stay tuned as we watch her reach for the C-suite corner office.

To support you in achieving your best personal brand, Callosum is pleased to announce new services within our personal branding and wardrobe consulting division. As developing a personal brand is an ongoing process continually requiring a greater sense of awareness, we are committed to an ongoing relationship with you.

New service options:

BUNDLED SERVICES: Ongoing support to take you beyond basic to fashion-forward as you continue to up your ante. Bundled services include: Seasonal Starter Kit and Annual Maintenance.

Single services start at $250 and simultaneous 3-person group rates as low as $200. Here’s to a year of growth ahead!

Clare Hefferren

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