Top 10 Branding Mistakes

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  1. Not thinking analytically. Many companies think of branding as marketing or a catch phrase or a logo. A brand warrants attention on a consistent basis, represents something your audience wants but doesn’t get from your competitors.
  2. Not maintaining your brand. Too often, in a shaky economy, businesses are quick to change or alter their identity. Too much of this confuses your steady customers.
  3. Trying to appease everyone. Focus on the niche market for your product.
  4. Not knowing who you really are. Know your strengths and weaknesses through honest analyses of what you do best.
  5. Not fully committing to branding. Sales and branding are tied together as integral aspects of your business.
  6. Not sharing the joke. If your campaign is created for you and not “them,” your brand will not succeed.
  7. Not having a dedicated marketing plan. You must have a well-thought out marketing plan in place before your branding strategy will work.
  8. Using too much jargon. From benchmark to strategic partnering to value added, jargon does not benefit branding…it muddles your message.
  9. Trying too hard to be different. Being different for the sake of being different is not branding.
  10. Not knowing when you have got them. Know when to stop establishing brand and when to maintain that is established. Monitor the results of your branding campaign.




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Clare Hefferren

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