I have a short story to share today. Polyvore is an online tool I use for Callosum wardrobe consulting clients. Today I created a style set for a client who is: a sales executive, athlete, mom of a 9 month old, works at home, wife, earning a degree in the evenings and vacationing at the Cape. We have been working together over three years. The other day she was looking at the most recent Athleta catalog – one of our favorites that align with her personal brand. Concerned that if left to her own devices she would revert to buying the same thing she always has, she reached out to me.

We’ve all been there right? One day you open your drawer to suddenly find five almost identical tops. We are creatures of habit. How do you break these habits or should I say adjust these habits to use your budget wisely and focus your look into a polished, memorable, consistent personal brand? The good news is she’s already made great progress. Awareness is the first step. She can now feel the magnetic pull to the sweater sets, identify when she’s reverting and pause before hitting the BUY NOW button.

Now that you’ve paused, what’s next? Take action. Personal branding is like company branding. It’s an ongoing relationship. You have a brand strategy and brand platform. You set milestones, annual reviews, and goals, expect setbacks and anticipate evolvution. The key take-away is that investing in you has the highest ROI for the long haul. Decide what it is about your personal style, personal brand, and wardrobe selections that resonate with your personality and which are destructive habits needing adjustment.

As we enter March I am feeling the summer sunshine ahead. You can see it in the catalogs and in the Polyvore set. My client’s personal brand “tagline” is clean sophisticate. The items chosen allow her to ease through chasing a soon-to-be toddler, closing deals and traveling comfortably while feeling fabulous. The colors are in her palette, the silhouettes flatter her shape and the details are memorable. Without a doubt I ADORE every piece in the set. Enjoy the view and enjoy Spring. View Set

Clare Hefferren

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