Defining brand identity

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How Do You Define A Brand?

  •  An identifiable entity that makes a promise of value.
  •  A consciousness, an image, an awareness of your business.
  •  Your company’s personality.
  •  A physical and emotional customer experience which triggers creating a relationship between consumer and product/service. Giving product an ‘identity’ serves to differentiate product/service from competitors and add value to company.



What is a Brand identity?

  • The combination of consistent visual elements that are used in your marketing materials.
  • Identity developed through a collection of images and ideas


A basic brand identity kit consists of: logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, and fax/memo cover sheets. It can be extended to include: web site, brochure, folder, media / press kit, flyer, slick, direct mail campaign, promotions or any other professionally designed pieces.

Clare Hefferren

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