Your Zipper is Open

How often do you see someone’s tag hanging out? Zipper open? Skirt tucked into waistband? Do you tell them? It’s a tough position to be in. You have empathy, yet often our own embarrassed  to tell them stops us from speaking up.

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Blog Zipper

An excerpt from  Harvard Business Review “The Conversation.”: So, to return to the question of how you tell your boss his fly is down (or that she has lipstick on her teeth): The mistake to avoid is to not say anything. The cost of not telling could be high if it appears that you knew and kept quiet. It’s simple. Just give him the facts, quietly if possible. “Bob, your fly is down.” If you’re embarrassed, get someone else to do it. Everybody wins: The boss is saved from embarrassment, and you’ll go up a notch in his estimation for your nerve and for limiting his exposure.

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Clare Hefferren

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