Beat the Heat – Menswear Suiting Options

Trying to beat the heat? It’s quite the hot topic. A client reached out to me for a solution for her husband who’s melting in his suiting. Ditch the suit or die? In a casual workplace you’re fortunate to swap out short sleeves, lose the tie or rock the slide. Unfortunately some industries and firm cultures do not smile upon a more casual look. We empathize and have suggestions.

While losing the suit jacket and going for a dress shirt and tie may seem the logical solution, this may be viewed as juvenile. It is also a risky step to expose perspiration stains.


Alternate options:

  • Choose a light palette suit – it won’t absorb the heat as much as a dark color (light or medium grey)
  • Choose a light weight breathable suit – Chino, Silk, Linen and Cotton. My favorite variations are seer sucker (doesn’t wrinkle) and linen (wrinkle). Wear a tie to dress up seer sucker & a pocket corner. The linen wrinkle is intentional so if you’re not a relaxed fella in a relaxed industry this option is not for you.
  • Change after commuting. Pull a superman with a restroom switcheroo after dampening off after a subway soak. Cab to the office and leave spare outfits for the week. (The ladies regularly have a drawer dedicated to office heels versus commuter flats.)
  • Take a peek at Dandy Fashioners suiting suggestions for summer. I especially like the caramel linen suit – great pattern! Nice job fellas.

And thanks for keeping up the fight for looking sharp in summer! We’re there for you to help set your personal style.


Clare Hefferren

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