A Surprise Phone Call – Spreading Values

Have you made an impact on someone’s life? I recall an assignment where I was to determine three people that had made the biggest impact on my life and reach out to them to thank them and make sure they knew it. Mine are my college graphics professor, George Ramsey; childhood friend, Cathy Baranay Kastens and my father, Dr. John J. Hefferren. Forever that exercise is seared in my memory. Share the gratitude and it comes back ten fold.

Yesterday I got a surprise phone call. I recognized her voice immediately. It was Melody, my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters. We spent a year together as friends years ago. At the time she was 11 years old and is now a sophomore in high school – time flies!

Take the time to invest in yourself and learn what’s important to you. Define your core values and share them with the world. Family is a core value for me. With no children of my own I seek out opportunities to create family. It brought me to tears to hear Melody still speaks of me often. I could hear the smile in her voice. While initially vocally trembling, by the end of our call she was giggling and telling me her every sweet story. It made OUR day.


What did she remember of our time and how had I impacted her?

  • Save your goal pennies: We made a shoebox into a bank with divided compartments – one for cds, one for long term savings and one for a kitten. Her mom says she still has the box, uses it and is still working on the cat – atta girl!
  • Love through licking: My dog Beacon, a labrador, loves to lick people. She knew it wasn’t proper etiquette and was determined to teach him to stop. That didn’t work out quite well, but it gave her the confidence to say she wants to become a veteranian. Beacon never felt more loved than his time with Melody.

Take a look at your personal brand values through a strategy session and make a difference. Who’s life have you stood for? Do they know it? We’d love to hear your story.


Clare Hefferren

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