Dissecting Callosum’s New Logo

What’s behind our NEW logo? We’re brand strategists, so of course, there is strategy and story! 

The outer edge may be seen as a leaf, flame or water drop.  

See the line down the CENTER? That’s to convey the left and right side of the brain (aka our namesake Corpus Callosum – the optic nerves which connect one side of the brain to the other.) And yet, a right side piece is green to represent the crossover of optics. 

Let’s talk sides:

  • Left: See the straight lines? They represent the analytical/linear side of the brain AND ALSO the 3 pieces = a tire tread.
  • Right: See the curves? They represent the fluid/creative side of the brain AND ALSO parallel ski tracks and topographic lines. 

Let’s talk psychology of COLOR: 

  • Basil Green: Based in nature, evokes renewal, life, abundance, peace, rest, balance decisiveness and security.
  • Orange: Portrays youth, uplifting, playfulness, bold, warm, cozy, healthy, energizing, and attention-grabbing. warm and cozy, and inspiring

Can you SEE it? How does it make you FEEL? [Hint: One eye sees. The other eye feels.] We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please comment.

Clare Hefferren

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