We Value Our Values

Callosum’s 2019 rebrand helped us answer our why, complete with a brand audit and even a new, meaningful logo. We knew that as we value our values, it would guide our growing brand. A 2019 Forbes article describes it like this: “By identifying your company’s core values, you can better define your culture — your greater mission and reason(s) for existing as a company, beyond the tangible products or services you offer.” We couldn’t agree more. Read more about Callosum’s four values below.

  • Adventure
  • Depth
  • Empathy
  • Partnership


Although Callosum has city roots, we have been mountain dwellers since 2010, much longer than we were in an urban setting. Living in the high country lends to being adventurous. We are comfortable being uncomfortable. We are natural risk-takers, strategically and safely by always assessing before taking the first step or action. This sense of adventure shows up in our work; we are willing to take risks for clients by presenting out-of-the-box ideas and pushing them to be innovative. 

As a business owner, how does your brand come alive through adventure? As a consumer, are you willing to engage with a company that takes calculated risks? Do you tend to be more conservative in your choice of engagement?


As deep-thinking strategists, our curiosity awakens magic within to create transformational results both long and short term. Callosum believes deeply in our clients, just ask them

Are you setting in-depth goals for the short and long term? In terms of long term goals, how do you inspire and lead your community to innovate and disrupt the industry by making changes for the better? As a business owner, have you adjusted your services or products based on the current marketplace due to the pandemic? Do you know who your stakeholders are and have they changed since you launched?


We highly value collaboration combined with intention and empathy. Our vision is to create authentic relationships built on compassion. We empathize with purpose-driven brands who advocate for the environment and future generations. 

What does empathy look like to you, your stakeholders, and your consumers? Who do you want to be for your customers? Are you connecting on a human level before discussing business? How do you care for your clients and your community?


New ideas, group flow, and shared goals are strongly encouraged at Callosum. We collaborate with purpose, integrity, and gratitude. Our north star is anchored by collaborative partners, we can’t wait to work with you! 

As a brand, retailer, non-profit, or consumer, how do you choose to partner with your stakeholders? Does advocacy drive you? Does the community drive you? What turns you on/off?

Litmus Test

If your head is now spinning with our above questions, let’s slow the cadence. If your values are just hanging framed on the wall or in a binder, you’re not utilizing the time and money spent to build the brand. Branding is not a one-and-done process. It must be nurtured and kept top of mind. Dust them the frame or tear out the page, then create a litmus test for how you spend your time and dollars. Does it ring true that you “value our values?” (Your values) Based on the questions above, what stands out to you? In our comments field, give us your three actionable takeaways from this blog post.

Clare Hefferren

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