Callosum Is Protecting Our Winters

For starters, Callosum calls Vail, Colorado home which means that we are heavily invested, both figuratively and metaphorically, in this beautiful mountain town. When Callosum became members of 1% for the Planet, we knew partnering with Protect Our Winters, lovingly called POW, was the right choice for our business, our planet, and our future.

What is POW?

In 2007, pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones founded Protect Our Winters after seeing his favorite resorts closing due to lack of snow. What has now grown into over 130,000 supporters, POW has brought together athletes, resorts, brands, and simply “passionate outdoor enthusiasts” for almost 13 years.

POW gave a voice to the outdoor sports industry, one that provides over seven million jobs and $887 billion in economic revenue, according to POW. Even more special, POW recognizes that members of POW “share a passion that crosses [political] party lines––a unique perspective that de-politicizes climate discussion––and an industry with an economic impact that can’t be ignored.”

Callosum loves POW because of its “relevance and authenticity.” Similar to POW, we may be sitting in the office, AND we are itching to get our skis, and snow shoes strapped on to fulfill our way of life. POW is ensuring we can do that for years to come. 

Why did Callosum choose POW as one of their NPOs?

Being a member of 1% for the Planet means giving back is an important part of what we do at Callosum (check out our latest blog to hear more about our membership). On a more personal level, Callosum’s founder, Clare, is a lover of snow. In her spare time (ha!), she is a very part-time PSIA-certified private ski instructor for Vail Mountain – giving up her holidays to hit the slopes with clients. She chooses to teach as it brings her joy to introduce people to nature, knowing it heals and inspires her. Her interest with POW began when she got AIARE certified in anticipation of backcountry skiing. When you become a snow nerd, you can’t ignore the signs of climate change. Her interest in climate has grown over the years to also include the importance of voting and advocacy for unity and public lands.

We love being a member of POW because, similar to 1% for the Planet, their continued commitment to their mission allows them to educate us at Callosum on climate change and leads campaigns that we can join and share. It keeps us pushing our own bar of being a climate advocate. We are able to continue raising our voice through their education. 

What are some of the notable brands that help Protect Our Winters?

Callosum is among brands like Patagonia, CLIF, Ikon Pass, REI, The North Face, Skullcandy that know how important it is to Protect Our Winters. We value our six-inch powder days! Check out the full list of partners here. Will you be the next to join those that love snow as much as we do?

How can I, personally or my business, be a part of POW’s efforts?

No matter how big or small, it’s important that the tight-knit outdoor community continues to protect our winters. Find ways that you can donate and act.

POW has turned their passion into a purpose, something that we look for in our future clients, as well as personally build within our brand every day. We are thrilled to give back to our hometown of Vail, ski resorts everywhere, and, most importantly, our winters.

Clare Hefferren

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