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Beyond Revenue: Adding Purpose To Your Brand

Where conversation grounded in PURPOSE gives outdoor industry insight.

Guest: Kelly Watters, CEO of Western Rise

What can you expect? We always cover the guest’s purpose, how they integrate it into business, and the strategy behind growth. The flavor comes with each guest as they share a career thread.

Bio: Kelly is a 4th generation entrepreneur. She earned her Master’s Degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and has over 10 years of experience in operations, logistics, finance, team building, and general management at both non-profit and for-profit businesses.

In 2014 Kelly founded Western Rise with her husband Will Watters. Over the years she has held almost every position at the company. Today, as CEO, she oversees a fast-growing venture-backed business with triple-digit growth, a supply chain across four continents and distribution to over 37 countries.
own less and experience more.

  • Outside Magazine’s 10 Women to Know in the Outdoor Industry
  • Telluride Venture Accelerator Program graduate, 2016 & current Telluride Venture Network Mentor
  • Founders Institute Mentor

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Key Moments

12:03 Conception of the brand – Own Less Do More
13:23 Customer evolution
14:29 Innovation in funding
17:41 Building relationships in systems
24:32 Unlocking – engagement in a meaningful way.
25:47 You are not your company
30:23 Stages of biz


How to reach Kelly:

Kelly Watters - Western Rise


October 1, 2022


Telluride, CO