Vlog: Guest Tina Ooley

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Guest: Tina Ooley, Believer in the Power of Bikes at EveryPedal MTB

Location: Fruita, CO

What can you expect? We always cover the guest’s purpose, how they integrate it into business, and the strategy behind growth. The flavor comes with each guest as they share a career thread.

Bio: Tina is the founder of EveryPedal MTB, a mountain bike program that connects bike skills to life skills for youth and adults. In her experience, there is no better tool for discovery of ourselves, community, or the land than a bicycle. She has been riding as a way of life since the death of her brother in 2010. Tina has been coaching since 2013 and is PMBIA and BICP certified.

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Key Points

  • 4:45 Privilege around discomfort & elective suffering
  • 11:20 Journey of grief into community momentum
  • 13:08 Discover capability
  • 19:12 Invitations & making space
  • 24:45 Emotional well being
  • 31:52 The story in our head


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