Vlog: Guest Tina Ooley

Where conversation grounded in PURPOSE gives outdoor industry insight.

Guest: Tina Ooley, Believer in the Power of Bikes at EveryPedal MTB

Location: Fruita, CO

What can you expect? We always cover the guest’s purpose, how they integrate it into business, and the strategy behind growth. The flavor comes with each guest as they share a career thread.

Bio: Sensi Graves is a professional kiteboarder, confidence expert and empowerment speaker. She’s also the founder of Sensi Graves Swimwear, a sustainable swimwear line for active women. She helps people feel like they’re enough now by sharing the story of becoming a pro kiteboarder and starting a business before she believed that she could. When not traveling for photoshoots or speaking gigs, Sensi runs women’s kiteboarding retreats and camps and mentors on confidence and business.

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Key Points

  • 4:45 Privilege around discomfort & elective suffering
  • 11:20 Journey of grief into community momentum
  • 13:08 Discover capability
  • 19:12 Invitations & making space
  • 24:45 Emotional well being
  • 31:52 The story in our head


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