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Is your brand living your purpose through social impact?

What is social impact? It’s a positive change that addresses social injustice and challenges through conscious and deliberate efforts.


Society is in the midst of a purpose revolution - driven by conscious customers, culture creators who want to use their influence for good, and a wave of nonprofits working to solve problems at unprecedented levels. Purpose and profit are no longer competing ideas; they are a closely connected driver for growth. Commit to a triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet to embrace it as a competitive edge.

Unilever's stock returned 52% higher returns compared to the NYSE composite. Unilever's Sustainable Living Brands are growing 62% faster than the rest of the business.

 "We believe the evidence is clear and propelling that brands with purpose grow. Purpose creates relevance for a brand; it drives walkability, build penetration, and reduces price elasticity." - Unilever CEO, Alan Pope.

The 4 Ps of marketing still applies - product, price, place, promotion. We'd like to add a 5th - PURPOSE. How can you join the revolution? Our matchmaking process for brands, nonprofits, and influencers/celebrities:

  1. Define your organizational brand values.
  2. Choose how you'd like to measure impact: Clear impact; High impact; Wide impact; Deep impact.
  3. Determine your social Impact development goal (SDG). Ex. Hunger, climate, poverty
  4. Create a list of potential advocacy/NPO partners.
  5. Integrate the NPO partner into your existing brand (or new) strategy.
  6. Our creative team will bring light to the collaboration through disruptive storytelling and visual elements.
  7. An influencer or celebrity partner will bring a voice to the partnership.
  8. Measure the partnership's success.

On belay. Let's climb higher together. Schedule a complimentary 20-minute call below to get started. 

For Brands

You have purpose baked into your model. Get guidance in pitching an NPOs partnerships based on aligned missions, followed by a curated introduction.

For Nonprofits

Staff is slim, budgets are challenging. You'd like an advocate fighting for a true partnership. At no cost to you, add your name to the list of available nonprofits for consideration.

For Influencers & Celebrities

You'd like to offer your voice to a partnership of outdoor brands and nonprofits based on shared passions. At no cost to you, add your name to the list for consideration.

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