Friends of Vail Mountain Rescue

Humanizing Non-profit Services Prior to Development

The Challenge

A non-profit organization run by volunteers as a fundraising arm for Vail Mountain Rescue. The community did not know the volume and importance of services which Vail Mountain Rescue provided and thus donations were lacking. Friends of Vail Mountain Rescue was teeing up for a fundraising season and needed to define their audience, then build a prospect list prior to launching. They were challenged with a small team of volunteers. Their social media was lacking consistency.

The Solution

Callosum provided a brand awareness campaign, marketing strategy and marketing budget. When the brand was shored up they proceeded with a Global Brand Marketing Bundle to set up social channels, create content and manage the platforms with Callosum providing all the creative. They were additionally poised for media outreach with customized pitches and unique story ideas.

The Result

The FMR team chose to execute the programs themselves armed with a brand strategy plan, marketing plan and a few months of marketing channel connect and media scripts to raise the bar.