RA Nelson

In A Sea of Flannel, Standing Out From The Mountain Town Community.

The Challenge

RA Nelson is a company that continues to progress in its client interaction and custom home offerings. They desire to present a consistent message with clarity and confidence and present a message that creates a meaningful and memorable story for their potential clients. They understand the ROI of “nailing” the message and how it connects to their sales opportunities.

The Solution

Two workshops: Personal Branding: How Do You Show Up – Insights to Personal Branding and Maximizing Presentation Skills and Storytelling for Effective Communication

The Result

A 90-minute personal branding group session: Framing the conversation of how RA Nelson staff represents the firm, and a full-day training for 20 members of the RA Nelson team with break out teams. Increased awareness and skills in working with the message, the voice, and the non-verbals.