Sacred Cycle

Consistent Cohesion for A Non-Profit Organization

The Challenge

Sacred Cycle is a 501c3 non-profit startup in the healthcare and outdoor space with a mission to heal survivors of sexual trauma. They aspire to empower Colorado sexually abused and assaulted survivors by providing a safe community to support their healing through a combination of therapy, mountain biking, and community. With minimal marketing experience, they needed a leader to take the reins of the brand to create a cohesive message and consistent content to grow awareness, engagement, and increase donations for a financially stable ecosystem.

The Solution

Sacred Cycle is a retainer client receiving ongoing brand strategy, creative direction, content creation, graphic design, social media, web design and development, event collateral, merchandise design, newsletter support, presentation deck creation, fundraising strategy and implementation, and more.

The Result

Working with tight budgets, Callosum was able to create a marketing team of volunteers, interns, and occasional contractors to execute on a now-solid brand strategy. The consistency and caliber of content have increased engagement and rewarded the organization with 1) Database growth of 35% in one year 2) Their first financial grant award and 3) A fundraising campaign success raising record funds in 30 days.