Our Purpose

To make better brands for a better planet.


Our Mission

Callosum guides purpose-driven outdoor brands through critical strategic thinking, disruptive brand story creation, and brand marketing which result in measurable cultivated relationships.


Our Values

  • ADVENTURE In the outdoors, we try and fail daily. We’re professional risk-takers. We’re comfortable being uncomfortable. We’ll go first every time!
  • EMPATHY We see you. We feel you. We intentionally hold space for your success, guiding you step by step.
  • DEPTH We are deep-thinking strategists. Our insatiable curiosity and drive awaken the magic within to create transformational results.
  • PARTNERSHIP We’re designed to be in relation. Extending a hand comes naturally to collaborate with purpose, integrity, and gratitude.


What’s The Big Idea? 

We are committed to Making Better Brands for A Better Planet through the Quadruple Bottom Line - profit, people, planet, and purpose. Callosum believes rich collaborative relationships are the cornerstone to building a business, reaching your goals, and doing business for good - all anchored in the principles of purpose. Each and every time you and your staff come in contact with a person, an opportunity exists to build relationships and loyalty, promote your brand message and strategically expand your network. Capitalizing on these opportunities can occur only when you are prepared. 


How? By weaving together strategies on best practices in traditional and digital brand marketing, social marketing, and personal branding. By understanding the power these mediums have for connecting you with your audiences. By knowing that marketing has moved from communication to two-way conversations. And by realizing those conversations are only successful when they lead to conversion – motivating a desired action or outcome.


We take a broad view.

Our experience is deep and wide. We’ve worked in entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 tiers with industries across the spectrum, so we pull from an equally broad pool of backgrounds and know-how. We’ve also sat on both sides of the table, with years spent as staff marketers and within marketing agencies. We know the challenges that each side of the relationship can face – and we always keep that in mind as we seek to be true partners in your organization.


We stick around.

We’re not just strategists. We’re creative implementers. Rather than dropping a plan in your lap and vanishing, we are often asked to put that plan in place. We believe the architects of a plan are the best equipped to build a structure that is sound by working from the ground up to create conversations that drive revenue.


We’re the right size for you.

As a virtual branding agency, Callosum has the agility to build service teams comprised of only the best and brightest in every impact area. Leveraging a Rolodex built over decades of experience in varied industries, we assemble the best-in-class teams, including coaches, writers, designers, and researchers. Under the guidance of a Project Lead, we assign talented people to your project because they are best suited to meet and exceed your expectations. What does that mean for you? You get to work with our Founder/CEO directly and you get solutions devised by a tailor-made team that expands and contracts according to your needs. You pay for solutions.


Callosum Team 

Think of Clare Hefferren as an asset, a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), you are investing in. Although you are paying Callosum monthly, you are gaining knowledge for the long term. With 30+ years of experience both entrepreneurially and corporately, she can guide you/the brand through your maturation process.


To compliment Clare, Callosum maintains a network of staff, affiliates, consultants, and execution partners who collaborate with Callosum. Our go-to network enables our clients to accomplish goals quickly and efficiently utilizing services Callosum has screened and trusts resulting in high-level cohesiveness and like-mindedness to accelerate client results. Our team’s experience spans rapid-growth entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 companies.



“Clare gave us the insight and strategy we needed to hear and embrace. Starting a manufacturing company during a pandemic is challenging enough and Clare helped us create our vision in “physical” form. We look to the brand guidelines and try to communicate based on them with iterations as we grow. Our vision of rural USA manufacturing is embodied in our brand and our hearts and Clare put it on “paper” so we could all ride our talk.” ~Bryan Wachs, CEO QuikRStuff


“Clare is the epitome of excellence embodied. I learned quickly that Clare is not just out to raise her own game, she is committed to helping others raise theirs too - which she does by setting a high bar and then meeting or exceeding every goal she sets. Those around her can't help but be inspired by her. Partnering with Clare is an absolute joy, both as a client and as a collaborator. In every instance, she sets herself apart as a high-level expert in her field with her exquisite execution, her vast expertise, her contagious passion, and her commitment to global impact through her elevation of outdoor brands. She is not only an exceptional professional, and truly gifted at what she does, she is also an exceptional human.” ~Merrit Minnemeyer, Master of One Social Impact Coach


“As a family-owned, one-location ski shop in the global destination of Vail, Colorado, Clare has led the charge by building an integrated marketing program of increased social media presence & campaigns, strategic content, email marketing, and SEO/SEM rankings shoulders above chain-operated retailers with a sliver of their budget. She educates us on the latest trends and tools, and then prioritizes initiatives based on company goals and budget. Our double-digit growth over the past 6 years is thanks to her consistent brand voice, obsession with quality, and personal passion for the outdoors. We hesitate to share our love of her too loudly as she’s a needle in a haystack.” ~ Sacha Gros, Vista Bahn Ski Rentals, Owner


“Ms. Hefferren is one of the sharpest women I know. She infuses both strong analytical and organizational abilities (typical left brain) with outstanding aesthetic and creative strengths (typical right brain) to help each of her clients put their best foot forward.” ~Kevin M. Gross