Have you heard about the Quadruple Bottom Line?

You’re doing a lot of the right things… building community, putting out content, and even driving change… but there is a gap between the impact you want to make and the revenues you want to generate. It might be because you’re making one of the biggest mistakes I see companies making in the outdoor space.


What’s the mistake that’s creating the gap? Not being LOUDER in sharing your purpose.


Quick check. Here are three key areas you need to maximize:

  1. Website that is optimized for awareness, list building, and conversion
  2. Leveraged Funnels that consistently attract new customers that increase your revenues
  3. Content that reaches and converts your community into raving fans and buyers

The good news is that there is an easy way to get these three key areas working for you quickly. I’m hosting a complimentary Workshop where we’ll dive into:

  • How to Identify your unique competitive advantage, so you instantly stand out from everyone in your space
  • How to communicate your purpose in a way that will drastically increase your revenues by attracting sales from clients who fall in love with your company
  • How to weave your purpose into your messaging and marketing in a way that’s always authentic so that clients are attracted to you.

Hefferren-Clare-headshot-2022leopard-300x300px72dpiThis session is hosted by: Founder/CEO, Clare Hefferren, your purpose sherpa with sass and compassion, who will guide you to understanding the tremendous value of purpose. Beyond being profitable >> Clare will help you bypass the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) and go straight to the quadruple bottom line (QBL) to transcend to a humanistic value-adding #4, purpose.

It's Time For Your Business To Make A Bigger Impact

Join us the 1st Thursday, 9:00-9:45am MST of each month, complimentary. 

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"In the beginning, I knew it (branding) was needed. As the bulk of my funding, it was exciting and also terrifying. Every day I look back and that was worth every single penny."  ~Kyle Foster of Seagull’s Cycles.

"When I approached Callosum for a website, I thought I would get a graphic-designed piece of work. I never knew I would really think through what PilatesVail stands for, what our values are, and how I see the future for the business. Together, we spent many hours developing a brand strategy. It was so much more than just a website home page! The results are evident." ~Malin Johnsdotter-Zeltman of Pilates Vail.

"As an inspirational speaker, my brand is me—my name. I trust Callosum with my name. (Isn’t that the most important thing ever???) The branding, identity, strategy, and design is the right mix of my ‘wants’ and Callosum’s expert ‘know.’ Clare eloquently presses me outside of my natural safe zone and I love the outcome! She guides me to the right decision for my brand." ~Trish Kendall of Trish Kendall Speaks. 

"Clare gave us the insight and strategy we needed to hear and embrace. Starting a manufacturing company in a pandemic is challenging enough and Clare helped us create our vision in physical form. We look to the brand guidelines and try to communicate based on them with iterations as we grow. Our vision of rural USA manufacturing is embodied in our brand and our hearts and Clare put it on paper so we could all ride our talk." ~Bryan Wachs of QuikRStuff. 

Callosum-TentStakes Clare Hefferren 600px

Clare and her adventure pup, Silas.

Meet Clare Hefferren

Clare is an insatiably curious, sophisticated tomboy. Founder of @gocallosum + @psiarmaasi ski instructor + flow junkie. Her top two values are curiosity and adventure. She's got a growth mindset and with "kaizen" tattooed on her forearm, she intends to never forget that.

As a CEO and Founder of Callosum, she's equally comfortable in the backcountry and boardroom. Committed to doing business for good - people, planet, profit, profit. Away from the desk, she's an Alpine & Telemark & AT Skier | Slalom Water Skier | Snowshoer | Trail and Road Runner | Road Triathlete | Road & Mountain Cyclist | Hiker | Backpacker | River & Reservoir Stand-Up Paddler | Scuba Diver | Swimmer. This adventure and risk of her outdoor life pour perfectly into holding your vision despite your trembles.

Clare has 30 years of proven success in understanding the brand life cycle in the outdoor recreation space. Her purpose-driven messages create a genuine connection between the consumer and the product/service resulting in global impact, strong sales, and brand loyalty. Strengths focus on engaging consumers by identifying brand opportunities and innovating products and services into market leaders with extraordinary profits and equal social impact. Coupled with brand marketing strategy, content marketing, brand loyalty, brand positioning, integrated marketing, and value proposition, my expertise makes a difference in brand health and ROI.


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