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Public Relations / Media

Once you have a solid brand platform foundation, your marketing channels are dialed, and an audience is actively watching, it’s time to tap into public relations and media. Let’s get the word out!

In order to create a strong brand identify and attract new customers, the client must have positive stories and reviews across a variety of media outlets. Generating consistent, positive, and earned publicity will be a springboard for creating brand exposure, building a strong base of core customers, and being discovered by future customers.

  • An initial list of targeted media contact creation (which will be regularly updated) in order to keep the most relevant media informed and interested in client news and updates.
  • Creating and sending customized pitches and unique story ideas that will be tailored for specific contacts and publications including print (magazines, newspapers); online (blogs, authority sites); and broadcast (podcast, radio/tv, etc) media contacts.
  • Writing and distributing press releases as needed in order to announce press-worthy news such as new product launches, company expansion, etc.
  • Coordinating sample requests with client team so media can use and experience products firsthand. 
  • Tracking media interest, upcoming/pending coverage, and collecting/sharing media placements with the client.
  • Creating monthly reports to include media interest, pending coverage, and new opportunities.
  • Client remains “on call” seven days a week to capitalize on incoming media requests.