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Founder, Clare Hefferren

Clare is a regular panelist and speaker nationwide. While engaging audiences, she combines the branding mindset with positive and strategic action to understand how to effectively brand market in a saturated, over-stimulated economy. She is known as a straight shooter with an empathetic ear for those needing answers and inspiration.


We are well versed in keynotes, interactive sessions, virtual webinars in our neighborhood or yours.

Founder, Clare Hefferren

“As the keynote speaker at the Consumer Specialty Products Association's Annual meeting, Clare was a breath of fresh air. She presented "The Human Element of Branding" to a group of professionals with very different backgrounds and managed to positively impact everyone of them. Clare left each individual with extremely helpful techniques that will strengthen their ability to communicate and present themselves more effectively and professionally.” Chad Moline


Our curriculum centers on building relationships through sharpening inter-personal skills. In addition to the below favorite client topics, all training modules may be converted into speaker engagements. We’re happy to give you examples of sessions below. Each engagement will be customized regardless.We’re happy to give you examples of sessions below and yet know Clare welcomes mingling of topics and customization. 

  • The Value of Branding
  • Brand Platforms for Start-up & Emerging Brands
  • Branding: The Convergence of the Art of Content & The Science of Data
  • Social Media: Quality over Quantity
  • Networking: Using Body Language to Your Advantage
  • Linkedin: Building Your Professional & Personal Network
  • The Human Side Of Branding: Clare Hefferren is a pioneer in understanding the human element of branding. While engaging audiences, she combines the branding mind set with positive and strategic action to make your company’s biggest investment, its staff, become its most important and impactful resource.  In these challenging times, Hefferren offers a fresh, optimistic viewpoint on achieving success and demonstrates how to reach corporate goals, improve retention and set an upward trajectory ROI by increasing the quality of leadership within an organization.
  • Personal Branding: Are you in the game or on the sideline?
  • Brand Ambassadorship