Communication Is Key

Public Speaking Can Be As Zen As Forest Bathing Communication is essential in all societies and cultures. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, motivate change, and build trust. Public speaking stands as one of the important and difficult forms of communication, yet is a vital skill. It affects everyday interactions with your work…

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We Value Our Values

We Value Our Values Blog Post Header Image

Callosum’s 2019 rebrand helped us answer our why, complete with a brand audit and even a new, meaningful logo. We knew that as we value our values, it would guide our growing brand. A 2019 Forbes article describes it like this: “By identifying your company’s core values, you can better define your culture — your…

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A Broken Brand

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Have you ever been embarrassed to hand out your business card? Or cringe when they ask for your website url? I own it. We made the cardinal sin of neglecting our own brand as we were distracted by client projects. It was a big fall. #bridesmaidsyndrome You know what? I was ok with a scraped…

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