Vlog: Will “Akuna” Robinson

An interview series where conversation grounded in PURPOSE gives outdoor industry insight.

Guest: Will “Akuna” Robinson of AkunaHikes. A Professional Athlete, DEI advocate, Motivational Speaker, Influencer
Location: New Orleans, LA

What can you expect? We always cover the guest’s purpose, how they integrate it into business, and the strategy behind growth. The flavor comes with each guest as they share a career thread

Bio: Will “Akuna” Robinson is a long distance thru-hiker and 2022 George Mallory award recipient. His journey into the outdoors started with an attempt to thru-hike the Pacific Crest trail in 2016. Akuna thought of this journey as a way to help with PTSD from military service and fell hard for hiking, nature, and the community that surrounds the trails. He enjoyed long distance hiking so much that he went right back out and completed the PCT in 2017, the Appalachian trail in 2018. In 2019 Akuna completed the Continental Divide trail becoming the first black man to complete the triple crown of hiking. Now Akuna looks forward to adding new members to his trail family, enjoying all the awesome that is nature, and inspiring the uninspired.

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Callosum Interview Series - Will Akuna Robinson