Enhance efficiency to fortify internal capabilities. Elevate the team's mindset to transcend singular tasks, fostering growth into expansive strategic planning and revenue growth.

Fractional Services

Callosum envisions your brand's destination and understands your readiness for more. Partner directly with CEO Clare Hefferren and occasionally collaborate with vetted partners. Liberate CEOs from tactical work, enabling them to be inspired and shape the future as we lead your marketing department.

What does "fractional" mean? Just like a salaried Chief Branding Officer (a rarity, so let's say CSO/CCO) employee, except Clare does it part-time. The benefit of a fractional CMO or CSO/CCO lies in flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to specialized expertise. A fractional CMO works part-time, allowing businesses to leverage high-level strategic leadership without the full financial commitment of a salaried executive. This approach is particularly advantageous for smaller or growing companies that may not require a full-time CMO but still need experienced guidance. It provides access to the expertise of seasoned professionals like Clare on a more affordable and adaptable basis, ensuring strategic marketing and branding efforts are aligned with business goals.

Do you dream of having executive brand marketing leadership? Do you have an entry or mid-level marketing team but no senior staff? Think of Clare Hefferren as an asset, a hybrid fractional Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) + Chief Creative Officer (CCO) you are investing in. [It's a rarity to see a Chief Branding Officer.]

Although you are paying Callosum monthly, you are gaining knowledge for the long term and not having to pay a full Chief salary, or employee benefits. With 30+ years of experience both entrepreneurially and corporately, she can guide you/the brand through your maturation process by elevating the whole team's thinking. Let's train your superstars to the next level with excellence. Grow from having the capacity to focus on singular siloed tasks into expansive strategic planning. Efficiency builds your internal capabilities, so you are spending less with external agencies.

12-month advisement. 4-hour monthly retainer.

Clare accepts a maximum of six Fractional CSO/CCO clients per year. 

As a leader, you must delegate tasks that don't honor your highly valued time. May we take this off your plate?

Meet Clare.

On belay. Let's climb higher together. Schedule a complimentary Project Plan call to get started.