CEO-Driven Suggested Services

Suggested Services

Callosum understands where a brand may want to go. And, as a CEO or Founder we also recognize that you may be ready for more.

Utilize LinkedIn as the powerful strategic tool it is.

Determine what the main intention is for your LinkedIn profile - outreach, content, and how it engages with other people (= The 3 pillars of LinkedIn). For example, Do you want to secure clients? Do you want to elevate your leadership presence?

We will deliver: 

  • Two 1-hour calls per month 
  • 4 LinkedIn posts per week

In our sessions, we will cover:

Quarter-long. Callosum teaches. We do the heavy lifting together to create content.

  • Online LinkedIn Brand Amplifier Audit
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Profile Brand Alignment: Visuals and copy
  • How to optimize your profile
  • Personal profile vs business  
  • Minimal execution time for strategy, copy, and graphics

Year-long. (in addition to the above)

  • Understand algorithms and analytics
  • Connections/followers
  • How to attract the ideal client
  • How to convert from relationship to client
  • Execution time for strategy, copy, and graphics

Meet Clare. Meet Ellen.

On belay. Let's climb higher together. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call to get started.