Rebecca Rusch

Creating The Next Decade

The Challenge

Project scope includes three entities: Rusch Ventures, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and Be Good™ Foundation

Transitioning from a reactive mindset to a proactive one, shifting from constant action to embodying a state of being.

Rebecca Rusch, a seasoned outdoor and sports athlete, and a seven-time global champion, is CEO of three entities: Rusch Ventures, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and Be Good™ Foundation. Alongside her training and racing commitments, she faces the challenge of managing these organizations, nurturing their growth, and overseeing a team of employees and contractors while also upholding sponsor agreements. Amidst these responsibilities, it’s easy for her to become immersed in the day-to-day execution of tasks instead of focusing on leading the organizations and ideating the next initiatives. However, in order to manifest her vision for the future, Rebecca recognizes the importance of evaluating her current situation.

The Solution

Service: Do-er to CEO: Building Brands with Financial and Operational Guidance

Rebecca embarked on a six-month advisory journey, engaging Callosum’s Clare and Todd, two highly skilled C-suite advisors for Rebecca’s three entities and her CMO and COO. The objective was to envision and bring to life Rebecca’s next phase, transcending her role as a mere executor, which often impedes growth and leads to stagnation over time to a visionary and leader.

The Result

This process involved a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the business, aiming to support the brands as they matured and evolved. It was an organic and dynamic endeavor, incorporating a holistic approach to guide the brands through their developmental journey and change the thought process on how Rebecca and the leadership team looked at opportunities and challenges.

– Conducted a thorough examination of all aspects of the business, uncovering any financial and operational leaks.
– Assessed and revamped standard operating procedures across the entities to optimize efficiency.
– Evaluated and restructured each entity to foster financial and operational independence inclusive of projected scenarios.
– Reassessed sponsorship and partnership opportunities to maximize value, alignment, and growth beyond sport.
– Emphasized the importance of time evaluation and management to enhance productivity.
– Developed three future initiatives to drive growth and innovation.
– Created a functional road map and strategic plan for effectively navigating future challenging decisions.


Change is hard especially when you have nothing to compare it to. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’d only experienced my own business models. This worked beautifully until it didn’t.

Clare and Todd took a look under the hood, skillfully extracted what could be shifted, then went about teaching us to tune up what we already had. They pushed us to articulate where we wanted to go and then build a trail map. And not with more work, but with more clarity and efficiency.

They didn’t give us the answers. Working with Callosum is not like that crash course diet that produces quick results but doesn’t last. Instead we collectively did the hard work to change habits and grow healthier. They gave us insights, tools and the support for us to uncover the answers ourselves and now we have the clarity and confidence to continue our evolution.

~ Rebecca Rusch

Photo credit: Feature, 2: Linda Guerrette. 1: Steve Fassbinder. 3 Wyatt Caldwell