Our Work

We are happy to share a table with you to create conversations and be a catalyst for your success. Our clients are the experts. Callosum is the guide. See a sampling of our work beyond the ‘war room’ where we birth brands that make a difference.

Code of Clients

Aligned with Callosum’s shared values, our clients are anchored in the principles of purpose. They find value in branding, in innovative, and want to grow. They stand on the branches of trees and lend a hand and open their hearts to the community and the world. They believe in the quadruple bottom line. 

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Stay tuned for case studies of:

CPW black bear pete nuji

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Rebecca Rusch

Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge

Mirna “The Mirnavator” Valerio

Trish Kendall

Sacred Cycle

Pilates Vail


Seagull’s Cycles



Vista Bahn Ski Rentals

Vista Bahn Ski Rentals

Grayson Christie Interior Design

Grayson Christie Interior Design

USAR Photo

USA Mens Rafting Team


Friends of Vail Mountain Rescue


Top Shelf Harvest

Pivot62-Header Image

Pivot62 of DoubleTree by Hilton Vail

Otero Taproom Main Image

Otero Taproom



Paragon Guides

Santa Barbara Showdown

Vail Arts Festival

Boy's LaCrosse

Vail Lacrosse Tournament


We’re honored to be a catalyst for our clients’ growth. We’ve listed a dusting of clients here to get you amped for the season ahead.