Trish Kendall

An Intentional Contrast

The Challenge

The objective was to build a community of followers and supporters after launching a motivational speaker business. To do this, Trish had to reach beyond her personal network to garner speaking engagements, while also leveraging e-marketing to garner exposure, press, and revenue. Although a tremendous speaker and personality, the client wasn’t as well versed in branding or brand marketing. In order to show the “buyer” (those with the budget to hire her for a speaking event) her tremendous ability to inspire and influence young women, she needed a following. In order to brand her persona on the stage, Trish came to Callosum to help grow her business so Kendall could continue to motivate and inspire young women and professionals.

The Solution

To launch this amazing brand, Trish came to Callosum for branding (Brand Audit, Comprehensive Brand Builder), marketing (Global Brand Marketing Bundle, marketing calendar, collateral, WordPress Website Design & Development), identity (logo, tagline, corporate identity, style guide), and media/public relations (Media Kit).

The Result

Although Trish Kendall is outside of the typical Callosum industries, she shared our goal to do business for good, so we took on the project. We are also inspired to support young female professionals. Even during a time of unrest, Kendall built a brand which is not only sound, but it also delivers within the pandemic. With a long term strategy, Trish is consistently and authentically in communication with her growing community. Her sales and account plan relies on her brand platform as a foundation for growth. Trish brings candid stories, humor in the face of true hardship, simple lessons, compassion and love to all her speaking engagements as an executive in the health and wellness industry and trusted member of her community.

Once the site was launched, Trish extended her stay with Callosum and is now a retainer client. We encourage you to visit Trish’s website.

Trish Kendall Logo

As an inspirational speaker, my brand is me—my name. I trust Callosum with my name. (Isn’t that the most important thing ever???) The branding, identity, strategy, and design is the right mix of my ‘wants’ and Callosum’s expert ‘know.’ Clare eloquently presses me outside of my natural safe zone and I love the outcome! She guides me to the right decision for my brand.

Photo credit: Photo: Jenny Moloney. Video: Capture The Action