“A strong sense of purpose and a commitment to stakeholders helps a company connect more deeply to its customers and adjust to the changing demands of society. Ultimately, purpose is the engine of long-term profitability.” ~ Larry Fink in his 2020 letter to CEOs.

Ways To Work With Us

Suggested Offerings

Once you have determined the stage of business your brand is in, you may choose from our suggested offerings. Think of Callosum as an asset in which to invest. Branding is a long game that requires continual cultivation for the best results.

Our Process

Whether branding, marketing or speaking, the end is the beginning. We know you have the answers, so we’ll sit over beer, go for a ski, or climb a mountain together as we ask and listen. Whether you know it or not, you are the expert on your company, product or service. We are the experts at extracting the good stuff. 


A discovery session to audit the current state of affairs allows us to gather materials and insights, then discovering the potholes, we’re ready to patch with intention.


Narrow the focus through understanding and clarifying to extract the brand essence.


Seeking to integrate the meaning into tangible form, our designers work at the intersection of strategic imagination, intuition, and design.

Lift Off

We’ll track the data and pivot tactics ongoingly to loop us back to discover, continually tweaking for success.

How do I know if I'm a good client fit for Callosum? 

  • You are a brand or organization in the Outdoor Recreation industry, or adjacent
  • You are a nonprofit seeking strategic partnerships with the Outdoor Recreation industry
  • You understand the value of branding and marketing
  • You are purpose-driven or strive to be. [It's proven that when the purpose is baked into a business, it grows at 3x in comparison to those without purpose]
  • You give back to your community through financial gifts or volunteerism

Not sure if you can check all the boxes? No worries. Contact us and we can help you assess the viability.