Give a brand visibility and a business cause surfaces. Flip the model of thinking that one must have a business case to create visibility.

Our Process

Whether branding, marketing or speaking, the end is the beginning. We know you have the answers, so we’ll sit over beer, go for a ski, or climb a mountain together as we ask and listen. Whether you know it or not, you are the expert on your company, product or service. We are the experts at extracting the good stuff. 


A discovery session to audit the current state of affairs allows us to gather materials and insights, then discovering the potholes, we’re ready to patch with intention.


Narrow the focus through understanding and clarifying to extract the brand essence.


Seeking to integrate the meaning into tangible form, our designers work at the intersection of strategic imagination, intuition, and design.

Lift Off

We’ll track the data and pivot tactics ongoingly to loop us back to discover, continually tweaking for success.

Ways to Work with Us

While bundles are offered as a baseline, many projects are customized to the client’s needs.

  • Contract Project-Based 
  • Seasonal Sessions
  • Retainer
  • Workshops: Offered regionally in person. See newsworthy page for upcoming classes 
  • Digital Subscription-Based: Subscriptions are group-based programming which allows Callosum to provide Agency-of-Record services at an introductory level. Subscription will include worksheets, templates, and resources
    • Brand Build Series: A digital session series via Zoom Video Conference including the phases of Research & Development, Clarifying Strategy, Designing Identity, Creating Touchpoints, and Managing Assets.
    • Baseline Brand Marketing Series: A digital session series via Zoom Video Conference including social media channel setup, newsletter template creation, and blog template creation.
    • Personal Branding Series: A digital session series via Zoom Video Conference including leadership skills, body language, speaking skills, wardrobe, and etiquette.

Project Management

  • Creative Brief: Detailed document on how the client and Callosum team work together. 
  • Reporting: Monthly client monthly report which includes a review of the previous month’s work. The report coincides with a meeting to discuss and facilitate action items.
  • Client is on-call seven days a week to capitalize on incoming requests.

How do I know if I'm a good client fit for Callosum? 

  • You are a brand or organization in the Outdoor Recreation or Mountain Lifestyle industry
  • You understand the value of branding and marketing.
  • You have a staff of 3+
  • You have a revenue of $500K
  • You are purpose-driven (it's about making an impact, not just about making money)
  • You give back to your community through financial gifts or volunteerism

Not sure if you can check all the boxes? No worries. Contact us and we can help you assess the viability. [We'd be remiss to not mention that we have a soft spot for start-ups.  We provide start-up products and services at a lower entry point. Engage with us in upcoming workshops and digital subscription-based services.]