Partnering with Callosum in year-round brand marketing, you build community awareness, convey brand value, and grow revenue through a consistent strategic plan.


Callosum understands where a brand may want to go. We have worked with outdoor industry brands from conception through maturity. Our ideal clients:

  • Desire to grow and innovate continuously
  • Are committed to contributing to society in addition to making revenue
  • View their staff as the greatest asset
  • Care about our planet
  • Have a revenue of 3M-30M
  • Have a staff of 5+

As we've likely experienced the barriers to growth you're currently struggling with, we have created a tiered offering that will get you to the next revenue level. Projects have a team of 3-8 which always includes Clare, Callosum CEO, on Strategy and Creative Direction, and a Project Manager. Based on the scope you may have additional team members.  

Committed to the Quadruple Bottom Line (profit, people, planet, purpose,) Our services ensure that you are operating from a place of Purpose. Find your business stage and/or revenue. Click below for expected results. If you'd like to learn more, download the PDF to share with your team before scheduling a planning consultation.

Empowering Your Purpose-Driven Brand Launch: Solutions to Key Marketing Barriers

In the dynamic journey of launching a purpose-driven brand, success hinges on a strategic approach to overcome common marketing barriers. Here are targeted solutions to ensure your brand not only communicates its purpose effectively but also aligns authentically, resonates with the audience, measures impactful results, harmonizes profit with purpose, and builds trust through transparency.

  1. Clear Purpose Communication: Develop a concise and impactful narrative that effectively communicates the brand's purpose across all marketing channels. Utilize authentic storytelling and visual elements to enhance clarity.
    Authenticity Alignment: Implement transparent practices, share authentic stories, and demonstrate genuine commitment to the stated purpose. Regularly communicate the brand's efforts to uphold its purpose, fostering trust among stakeholders.
  2. Target Audience Resonance: Conduct thorough market research to understand the values of the target audience and tailor messaging to align with those values. Develop personalized campaigns that connect emotionally with the audience, creating a sense of shared purpose.
  3. Impact Measurement: Establish clear metrics aligned with the purpose and regularly communicate the brand's achievements and contributions. Implementing impact reporting showcases results and reinforces the brand's commitment to its purpose.
  4. Profit-Purpose Harmony: Develop a business model that aligns the purpose with sustainable profitability, ensuring both elements support each other. Clearly communicate how the brand's purpose enhances its overall value proposition and positively impacts business success.
  5. Trust Building Through Transparency: Provide transparency, share stories of impact, and engage in open communication to build consumer trust. Regularly update stakeholders on the brand's purpose-driven journey, fostering a sense of accountability and openness.

A two-month offering. Embark on your purpose-driven journey with confidence and impact. Ready to launch your brand with purpose? Connect with us to unlock success and elevate your brand presence. 

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Adjacent Services

We find our ideal clients after experiencing a need for one, or several, of the below. Schedule a Project Pan complimentary call to learn more about adjacent service partners and how Clare travels with you through the project as your brand advocate.

  • Brand Build - Brand Platform, Logo, Visual Identity, Style Guide
  • Rebrand - Brand Platform, Logo, Visual Identity, Style Guide
  • Word Press Website Development and Build (ADA-Compliant)
  • Visual Brand Experience - Photo/video
  • Add A Speaking Arm - Media Kit & Reel

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