One eye sees. The other eye feels.

Branding is what comes before marketing. Easily said, it’s taking the company’s five senses plus intuition and making it tangible for your audience. Branding differentiates you from the competition. It tells your story impactfully so the audience feels at home and engages actively. Building brand equity is your #1 investment for future success.

Branding Services

Designed for Pre-launch Solopreneurs and Startups.

A 30-day program, Brand Boost is for individuals who know that purpose and innovation will propel a business to success. Our focus is on solopreneurs and startups who want to launch an outdoor recreation or mountain destination company, based on the principles of purpose. Our promise is that engaging with Callosum in an interactive format, will set your first year of business up with the strategic tools and visual elements to test the marketplace without feeling strapped.

Offered as a cohort service bi-monthly. 

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