One eye sees. The other eye feels.

Branding is what comes before marketing. Easily said, it’s taking the company’s five senses plus intuition and making it tangible for your audience. Branding differentiates you from the competition. It tells your story impactfully so the audience feels at home and engages actively. Building brand equity is your #1 investment for future success.

Branding Services

A flat fee 1-day service, looking across the brand platform will reveal success or breakdown. Determining how your brand platform shows up for an objective observer is of tremendous value. Often a business is too close to the work to see which hiccups exist and/or contradiction exists. Is your brand consistent, memorable, and polished? We will suss out foundational cracks which may cost your credibility and growth. Beyond the startup stage of fire drills and low budgets, it's time to go slow to grow fast.

Client prework:  Provide brand peripherals and materials. 

You'll receive a summary that includes a takeaway guide to shore up messaging, visuals, and positioning. Amplify your brand with an actionable audit. 

On belay. Let's climb higher together. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute chat to get started.