For the first time ever, CEOs named SOCIETAL IMPACT as the top success factor for annual performance. ~ Deloitte Consulting LLP’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends survey

Callosum understands where a brand may want to go. We have worked with outdoor industry brands from conception through maturity. We've been the 1-person marketing team and we've been the Creative Director leading a team of 25 internally plus three external agencies.

As we've likely experienced the barriers to growth you're currently struggling with, we have created a tiered offering that will get you to the next revenue level. Typical projects typically have a team of 8. This always includes Clare, Callosum CEO on Strategy and Creative Direction, and a Project Manager. Additionally, you may have a Content Strategist, Growth Hacking Data Analyst, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, and Web Developer. Based on the scope you may have additional team members.  

Committed to the Quadruple Bottom Line, ALL of our services ensure that you are operating from a place of Massive Transformational Purpose. Create a Better Brand for a Better World with Callosum!

Suggested Services

Designed for solopreneurs and startups in the first year of business. Brand Boost sets your first year of business up with the strategic tools and visual elements to be perceived as professional and polished to test the marketplace without feeling strapped.

Brand Boost is for individuals who know that purpose and innovation will propel a business to success. Our focus is on solopreneurs and startups who want to launch an outdoor recreation or mountain destination company, based on the principles of purpose. 

See results within 3 months.

All participants receive these elements:

  • 30-days of strategic content led by Clare, Callosum's Founder/CEO  
  • Brand platform: Includes purpose, mission, vision, values, archetype, competitor analysis, brand strategy position, tone, key messages, tagline development
  • Curated digital worksheets 
  • Progress tracking
  • Flash coaching 

Bonus: 2 months support

Next, choose your level of Visual Elements & 1-1 Coaching Support.

Add-On Services

  • Rebrand
  • Purpose-Driven Campaign
  • Word Press ADA-Compliant Website Development and Build
  • Visual Brand Experience (Photo/video)
  • Add A Speaking Arm - Media Kit & Reel

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