A team of outdoor lovers, we breathe adventure. By guiding you through your maturation process, your brand's whole team's thinking is elevated. Grow from having the capacity to focus on singular siloed tasks into expansive strategic planning.

Our Team

Our home office is based in Vail, Colorado to serve clients nationwide. We are a global team of lifelong outdoor enthusiasts who are your end users. Our collective model affords the client competitive fees while engaging with the same seasoned background of larger agencies to accomplish goals and deliver results. Our team’s experience spans rapid-growth entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 companies. Meet our beautiful bench of collaborators.

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Clare J. Hefferren, as the CEO, defies categorization, embodying a sophisticated tomboy and people's champion. With a rich background spanning over 30 years, she possesses comprehensive fluency in the brand life cycle, navigating seamlessly through product development, creative direction, content creation, and marketing execution. Her extensive engagement experience uniquely positions her to spearhead and fulfill key initiatives in the outdoor recreation industry. In her hybrid role as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Clare excels in strategically cultivating relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. This strategic leverage enables her to stand out as a dynamic leader, proficiently managing various facets of an organization. By maximizing existing resources, Clare consistently propels success and fosters innovative growth.

Beyond the confines of her laptop, Clare effortlessly balances her comfort in the backcountry and boardroom. A true "flow junkie," she indulges in a diverse array of outdoor pursuits, including alpine, AT & telemark skiing, slalom water skiing, snowshoeing, trail and road running, road triathlons, road and mountain cycling, hiking, backpacking, river and reservoir stand-up paddling, scuba diving, and swimming.

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Callosum: Our Backstory - An Evolution to Outdoors

When Clare J. Hefferren founded Callosum, she chose her company name thoughtfully. “The Corpus Callosum are the nerves that connect the left side of the brain to the right side,” she explains with a smile. The branding agency is focused on the Outdoor Recreation industry. Creating connections is key. “The best part of my job is taking the passion that a founder has for their company and making it visible so that the public can feel it with the same passion,” Hefferren says.

 “Brand positioning and brand strategy is the precursor to marketing. It’s about how to tell your story and differentiate your brand.”

Clare Biking

The agency was founded in Chicago in 2005 when Clare found herself at one of several transformative points of her life. At the first turning point, seven years into a successful corporate career, workaholic corporate life and late nights at the office had led to health issues that demanded attention. At that time, Clare followed her instincts to heal her body and soul in the outdoors and spent three years living in Vail, Colorado. After returning to city living in San Francisco, then Los Angeles and corporate life for another 7 years, she found herself similarly needing transformation. She knew it was time to make a drastic change. She followed her heart and permanently relocated herself and her company to Vail.  She now serves clients nationwide from her mountain town home base, where access to nature creates the opportunity to be at her best for herself and her clients.

Clare Skiing

“Nature fuels and feeds me. It keeps me grounded. On a daily basis, I’m feeling alive, risking, challenging, and growing. There are endless opportunities to raise the bar with outdoor endeavors, and that translates to business as well."

Clare and her affiliates are equally comfortable riding singletrack or ripping skins as they are solving complex business issues. “We are all outdoor adventurers. We understand the industry because we’re in the backcountry doing it, taking risks, and overcoming fears. We are comfortable being uncomfortable. We are willing, and encourage our clients, to push the envelope and be innovative.”

Callosum’s core values are adventure, partnership, depth, and empathy. Clare seeks to work with purpose-driven brands and clients who share similar values. “I’m always on the lookout for like-minded agencies with which to partner. I don’t believe in competition. There’s a lot of great talent out there. I believe that the right clients will connect with us.”

Clare finds energy and satisfaction in adventuring outdoors, and also in staying involved in her community. A thread of professional women and youth weaves into her volunteerism. She sees active community participation as her duty. Whether it is serving as a Chaffee County's Ascent Accelerator mentor; as a Vail Valley Partnership mentor, as the (former) President of Vail Valley Business Women, as (former) contract Executive Director of Sacred Cycle, or volunteering her consulting services to outdoor-inspired start-up companies at Denver’s Wayfinder Coop (sadly now closed), Clare is constantly sharing her passion and knowledge with others. As an extension of her desire to guide others towards new heights, Clare is a part-time ski coach for Vail Mountain private clients.

“Coaching allows me to keep a pulse on the hospitality and tourism side of the Vail Valley while getting my skiing fix!” Personally and professionally, her adventurous side is always inspired to learn new skills.

“It’s so important to continually evolve and stay fresh. I always want to be challenged, grow, and be curious. I love sharing my passion for evolving with our clients.”

Clare SUP

Vail, Colorado-based. Serving clients nationwide. Mailing Address: PO Box 2881; Vail, CO 81657 | Phone 970-235-1272