Outdoor Flow Indoor Efficiency

Reach insurmountable goals with our tailored program for ambitious leaders—revenue + impact–without sacrificing well-being.

We are currently in session. If you are interested in learning more about OFIE and finding out when the doors open again, join the waitlist below!

Tap into a world of curiosity. Explore your WHY, navigate the currents of FLOW, and master CONTROL, to unlock a path to achieving your GOALS.

Year-round, there is a draw to be outdoors. The invitations and temptations never end unless you turn off your notifications - - and perhaps that’s precisely what you should do. Let’s tap into how to elevate your productivity game through a structured workplace that gives freedom to downtime and well-being. 

Explaining the science behind flow state offers an angle for office productivity and mental wellness. Join Clare Hefferren as she guides you through how to define, then reach your goals. Embrace the opportunity to become an "occupation athlete," a well-rounded individual who thrives in all aspects of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Sam Bizantz headshot Root & Flower, Two Arrows"I used to live day by day addicted to an endless phone TO DO list stream which was subconsciously more stressful than I realized. Now with the OFIE planning tools, I schedule my week out and literally feel the stress melt away. Knowing that I will get it all done, AND I am working towards what I value and towards goals that inspire me, I feel so much more at peace on a day to day basis. I actually can turn OFF my professional life now. And magically, my personal life has started blooming as a result!”

~ Samantha Biszantz, Town of Vail Councilwoman; Co-Owner Root & Flower;  Co-Owner Two Arrows Coffee | Bar.

This series is best for:

  • Leaders pursuing revenue and impact growth, rejecting the concept of glass ceilings.
  • Ambitious individuals embracing a transformative program with accountability and visible progress.
  • Visionaries defining the next life chapter as aligned with values, financial goals, and well-being.

Join us on this transformative journey – empower yourself to reach new heights in both business and life.

When our eight weeks together end, you’ll:

  • Equip yourself to lead your team from a place of strategic planning versus reacting. 
  • Know how to separate thinking from doing to manage tasks and accomplish more in less time.
  • Resist continuous invitations and distractions through a flow schedule. Miss the little things to reach the big goals!
  • Gain a new perspective on the information you allow in your world to maintain focus.
  • Find joy in athletic pursuits as you integrate an understanding of the flow cycle which delivers a purpose to struggle which has you push through to the dopamine and smiles. 
  • Have habits that transform your workplace and give your personal life back. 

You Will Receive:

  • Eight 50-Minute Sessions
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Assessments
  • Access to 15-minute flash coaching
  • WhatsApp Community Group for coaching + collaboration

Weekly Topic:

  1. Goals and Purpose
  2. The Flow Cycle
  3. Momentum & Motivation
  4. Timebending & Lightening The Load
  5. Burnout Proofing
  6. Brain Melt
  7. Good Triggers
  8. Sustaining Flow & Efficiency

Take Control Of Your Destiny

Choose The Format Which Matches Your Lifestyle:

4-person Team

This setup offers an optimal structure for a company seeking to enhance individual commitment and synergy within the team. By discovering each member's personal purpose and aligning it with their work, the team can effortlessly elevate itself, fostering innovation and a collaborative atmosphere.

Moreover, this format is well-suited for a group of four friends or colleagues aspiring to pursue personal development in the company of trusted companions. The shared joy and mutual accountability create a conducive environment for the group's dynamics to evolve organically, allowing for customization based on individual preferences and goals.

  • Team In-Person. Location: Vail, CO. We are currently in session. Join our waitlist to be notified of the next cohort.
  • Team Virtual.  We are currently in session. Join our waitlist to be notified of the next cohort.



Tailored for introverts, CEOs, and those with time constraints, this arrangement provides an optimal structure for individuals seeking a profound exploration of life's passions. The focus is on setting and achieving goals, attaining success, and boosting both revenue and personal income.

Designed for individuals with packed calendars who wish to avoid adding another weekly meeting to their schedule, this program prioritizes time efficiency from the start. By incorporating timebinding strategies early on, it aims to create more space for participants, allowing them to experience a much-needed sense of exhale and downtime.

While maintaining a weekly theme, the format allows for customization, ensuring that participants can tailor their experience to align with their individual preferences and objectives.


  • Team in person $1575/person (total $6300)
  • Team virtual $1475/person
  • 1-1 in person $2250
  • 1-1 virtual $2000

Choose Your Payment Option: 

  • Pay in 4 monthly installments
  • Pay in 2 monthly installment
  • Pay in full

Callosum_OFIE_LindseyStowe_Cohen_TwoArrows"The OFIE course completely transformed my life. As a business owner, yoga teacher, and active volunteer I could hardly keep up with my own life. With Clare's guidance, I was able to restructure my life to increase productivity and reprioritize tasks that actually align with my value system. I am grateful for the shift in my business but even more for the tools that shifted my nervous system to enhance all parts of my life."

~ Lindsea Stowe, Co-Owner Two Arrows Coffee | Bar

Meet Clare


Clare's secret sauce of 30+ years in branding, a tomboy lifestyle, and a passion for the flow state make her irreplaceable.

Think of Clare Hefferren as an asset, a hybrid Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chief Creative Officer (CCO), you are investing in. Although you pay for a service, you are gaining knowledge for the long term. With 30+ years of experience both entrepreneurially and corporately, she can guide you/the brand through your maturation process.

Her Purpose: To daringly advocate for more humans to be outside to be inspired and healed.

Her Top 2 Values: Curiosity, Adventure.

Learn more:

Known for her transparent approach and love for sharing and connection, Clare invites you to grow your toolbox with her endless worksheets and inspirational, actional shares. Join her on a journey of integrating work and play, fueled by the power of nature.

Delve into the origins of OFIE

After 13 years living in the Vail Valley of Colorado and 18 years as CEO of Callosum, word on the street got out that Clare is a timebender. She was approached by a community member who wanted time management coaching. "Do you do that?" Well, sort of. She doesn't just teach it - she lives it.

There never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get work done and still enjoy the outdoors which is a vital ingredient to keeping her out of burnout. She learned to integrate work and play (#plork) - using nature as the fuel for focus. She said yes and offered a Beta of the program in the Summer of 2023. Ever since the program began, it begs to be available to help more humans.  As Michael Gervais says, "You can't mess with people that are purpose-based." Clare agrees that when you find your WHY for being on the planet, and integrate it into your life, you are unstoppable.

"This work has supported me to recover from burnout and reclaim my personal life. I’ve leaned into this work as a cornerstone to my health and happiness. It has transformed the way I do business, the way I make and spend money, and the speed at which I reach my goals. Having these tools at my disposal brings relief, especially when I need a reset, foresee a busy season, or yearn to contribute beyond my mind's confines. Leading with this work, my legacy echoes through more individuals stepping into nature for inspiration and healing."  ~ Clare Hefferren, Founder and CEO, Callosum #sophisticatedtomboy

Even in the magical Vail Valley, Clare faced the challenge of balancing work and play. Nature became the essential ingredient to prevent burnout, as she mastered the art of integrating work and play, coining the term #plork. By using nature as fuel for focus, Clare found a way to make the most of her day, proving that movement in nature is vital.

A transparent, lover of sharing and connection, she wants to share her tools for achieving your goals and living a life that leaves you feeling proud and at ease.

What Clients Who Work With Clare Are Experiencing

Credit: Linda Guerrette

“I so appreciate your patience and guidance. Transition is well, transitional...and not at all tidy or straightforward. Your work with us has already helped us to evaluate future decisions on our own. So energized already by our progress!  I’d absolutely love to keep working with you. We made great progress and I’m so grateful for that.”

~ Rebecca Rusch, Adventure Athlete, World Champion, 2X Hall of Fame Inductee, Speaker, Author, Emmy Award Winner

Credit: Tammi Nowack

“Clare is a phenomenal visionary and force in the outdoor industry, consistently bringing out the best in entrepreneurs. She has transformed the way I think about and do business. I am so appreciative of her, her spirit, her talent, and her incisiveness. I am dumbfounded by how good she is at what she does and how deep her humanity and empathy run.”

~ Mirna "The Mirnavator" Valerio, A Delightfully Direct Black Forest Nymph, Keynote, Talent

Kevin Gross Headshot“Ms. Hefferren is one of the sharpest women I know. She infuses both strong analytical and organizational abilities (typical left brain) with outstanding aesthetic and creative strengths (typical right brain) to help each of her clients put their best foot forward.”

~Kevin M. Gross, President & FounderPresident & Founder
KMG Quantum Partners / SMB Growth Solutions

Merritt Minnemeyer“Clare is the epitome of excellence embodied. I learned quickly that Clare is not just out to raise her own game, she is committed to helping others raise theirs too - which she does by setting a high bar and then meeting or exceeding every goal she sets. Those around her can't help but be inspired by her. Partnering with Clare is an absolute joy, both as a client and as a collaborator. In every instance, she sets herself apart as a high-level expert in her field with her exquisite execution, her vast expertise, her contagious passion, and her commitment to global impact through her elevation of outdoor brands. She is not only an exceptional professional, and truly gifted at what she does, she is also an exceptional human.”

~Merritt Minnemeyer, Master of One Social Impact Coach

This is a program that you will come back to again and again for the mindset-integrated tools at each stage of your evolution. It meets you where you are and propels you forward.