Quadruple Bottom Line Blueprint Workshop

Have you heard about the Quadruple Bottom Line?

You’re doing a lot of the right things… building community, putting out content, and even driving change… but there is a gap between the impact you want to make and the revenues you want to generate. It might be because you’re making one of the biggest mistakes I see companies making in the Outdoor Industry.


What’s the mistake that’s creating the gap? Not being LOUDER in sharing your purpose.

Quick check. Here are three key areas you need to maximize:

  1. Website that is optimized for awareness, list building, and conversion
  2. Leveraged Funnels that consistently attract new customers that increase your revenues
  3. Content that reaches and converts your community into raving fans and buyers

The good news is that there is an easy way to get these three key areas working for you quickly. This is why I’m hosting a complimentary workshop for outdoor industry professionals where we’ll dive into how to:

  • Identify your unique competitive advantage, so you instantly stand out from everyone in your space
  • Communicate your purpose in a way that will drastically increase your revenues by attracting sales from clients who fall in love with your company

Attract more clients by weaving your purpose into your messaging and marketing.



Archived Workshop - no longer available


10-10:45am MST


Virtual, live!