Mirna “The Mirnavator” Valerio

Beyond Influence to Belonging

The Challenge

Refining Mirna’s brand position to align with impact goals.

Mirna, is an athlete,CEO, DEIB expert, author, speaker, influencer, and mother. Despite her hectic travel schedule, she takes charge of content creation and manages her three social channels. She did not have a platform that could help her establish a long-lasting career trajectory. LinkedIn caught her attention as a potential tool, although she admits to feeling a mix of intrigue, fear, and boredom towards it.

The Solution

Service: 3-month LinkedIn Level Up (modified). Determine what the main intention is for your LinkedIn profile – outreach, content, and how it engages with other people (= The 3 pillars of LinkedIn). Callosum teaches. We do the heavy lifting together to create content.

The Result

Thanks to LinkedIn Level Up, Mirna gained invaluable clarity about her top three client personas, who align perfectly with her goals of finance, fun, and impact metrics. Understanding the unique features, purpose, and tone of LinkedIn has allowed Mirna to shine amidst the sea of mundane content.

By embracing a social strategy template, Mirna has harnessed the power to grow her business, stay connected with professional colleagues, and showcase the depth of her offerings beyond the fleeting scroll of Instagram and Facebook. Her LinkedIn About Section and Featured Posts beautifully showcase the DEIB expertise and Outdoor Industry experiences that set Mirna apart from others. It’s the ideal introduction for those considering hiring her as a Keynote Speaker—her main objective on the LinkedIn platform.

It’s no surprise that in this short-term project, we stepped outside the scope many times into evaluating sponsors, setting impact goals, trip evaluation forms, managing time effectively, self-valuation, and her special sauce. To delve into these areas, you’ll have to ask Mirna for the insider scoop.


“Clare is a phenomenal visionary and force in the outdoor industry, consistently bringing out the best in entrepreneurs. She has transformed the way I think about and do business. I am so appreciative of her, her spirit, her talent, and her incisiveness. I am dumbfounded by how good she is at what she does and how deep her humanity and empathy run.” ~ Mirna (The Mirnavator) Valerio

Photo credit: Photo 1: Tammi Nowack/@tamminowackphoto