Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge

Elevation Activation

The Challenge

Elevating a one-man show through early-stage activation.

It was love at first hail storm. Last summer Clare went on vacation to Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge (MHBL) – 7 miles above Ouray, CO at 11,100ft. No stranger to hut trips, yet she knew she was in for a treat when she learned breakfast and dinner were to be served by owner Eric Johnson, formerly a chef of 25 years. And hot showers & flushing toilets to boot? Count us in. As I drove the 4×4 approach road through a summer rain storm the eco-lodge revealed itself around the bend. Was it a mirage?

Six months later, MHBL became a Callosum client. With Eric’s dream to create an accessible European-style lodge (just $120/night including meals) with solar-generated, carbon-free electricity on the side, and youth community partnerships, it’s a gem of a purpose-driven early-stage brand to partner with.

With a website built and manning the kitchen, 5 fires, 18 beds and the social media airwaves, Eric needed a brand marketing lift to build awareness, level up his marketing channels and create content that converts to revenue.

The Solution

Straddling the startup and early stages of business, we baby-stepped our way into projects together for ensure a wise investment. Begun in Winter 2023, we have embarked upon three scopes together thus far.

– 1st Service: Seasonal Social Content Strategy & Execution.
– 2nd Service: Seasonal Shoot (Motion + Photo) as we couldn’t bare to wait a full year to capture Winter/Spring professional assets.
– 3rd Service (currently active): 6-month Retainer inclusive of strategy, Monthly Content Creation & Execution, social media, graphic design services, website, analytics, and asset management

The Result

When a client comes back for more we know it’s a good fit and a financial success. We like to point out that while metrics and ROI are important, so is peace of mind and a culture to be proud of. Check back as we round the bend of fruitful metrics at month six.


“I am incredibly grateful to you for working within my specific requirements to develop a feasible plan. It’s fantastic and super cool to see it unfold. We now have ample resources to move forward and expand based on what you initiated. Your ideas, as always, resonate with me. I am delighted to continue our collaboration and build on this solid foundation.” Eric Johnson, Owner/Chef