West Slope Startup Week: A Maker’s Branding Mindset for Outdoor Rec

A West Slope Startup Week (tag if able) happy hour session, to decompress after a trail session or your workday for an overarching interactive discussion on the 5 Ws of branding in the Outdoor Recreation Industry.


Dave Bombard, Chief Executive Wizard, Bishop

Clare Hefferren, Founder, Callosum

Allen Lim, Founder, Skratch Labs

Forrest Merithew, Owner and Attorney, Merithew Law


Jeremy Jensen, Founder, Outwild

Discover launch concepts, conflicting opinions on legal protection, and differentiating your brand. Weigh in our domestic versus global; triple bottom line versus purpose-driven. The panel will include a founder, product developer, product lawyer (patents, etc), and brand strategist. Designed for the inventor, product developer, and visionary seeking a birdseye view of the elusive definition of branding.

Free to attend. 



July 16, 2020


5:00-6:00 pm mst


Virtual Event