How do you recognize executive presence? Have you ever been in a meeting or chatting where one participant stood out? Where personal engagement level, clarity of thought and expression deemed them exceptional? You were likely witnessing executive presence in action.

Several attributes consistently characterize the very best executive presence. They encompass interpersonal engagement skills that define what executive presence is all about. Executive presence experts are very good at consistently projecting these attributes to their audiences. These attributes include:

  • Passion: The expression of motivation, drive, and engagement that convinces others you are committed to what you are saying and doing.
  • Poise: A look of sophistication and unflappability that creates the impression you are comfortable in your surroundings and able to handle adversity.
  • Self Confidence: The air of optimism and assurance that convinces others you have the required strength, resources, and resolve to initiate and to lead.
  • Candor: The appearance of being interested in truth and honesty, with a willingness to accept and engage the world as it is, not as you would like it to be.
  • Clarity: The ability to create your story and tell it in an intuitively clear and compelling way.
  • Openness: The willingness to consider other points of view without prejudging them.

Source: Author, Josette Goldberg of Goldberg Executive Coaching & affiliate of Callosum Creative Ltd.

Clare Hefferren

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