They see you coming from afar. Color is the first sensory impression you make when approaching a person. Regardless of personal color preferences your audience will have the same subconscious response as our body’s nervous and hormones react to the magnetic energies and temperature of colors. The brain physically senses and interprets color visually resulting in different emotional responses. Color sways perception, judgment and behavior.

By learning the science behind color psychology and applying it to your clothing choices you may use this interpersonal skill tool to manage your professional relationships. Consider which colors align with your desired image? (Don’t neglect to flatter your skin tone) Dress for success with a professional wardrobe in effective colors.

Black = authority, power
Blue = cheer, loyalty, productivity
Brown = abundance, genuineness
Red = passion, stimulates communication
Green = harmony, calming
Orange = enthusiasm, warmth
Pink = tranquilizing
Purple = luxury, sophistication, femininity
Yellow = enhances concentration
White = innocence, purity

Clare Hefferren

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