As a business owner I wear many hats. This week I stepped back to look Callosum’s messaging. Inspired by our history, I share our story and welcome your comments.

Where did People-First BrandingSM come from?
With corporate experience in branding, fashion, graphic design and project management my brain thinks in brands and easily sees brand platform breakdowns across varying modes. In 2005 I launched Callosum — a graphic design firm with a branding focus. With many interests, I soon found myself dipping into my fashion skills by freelancing to offer wardrobe consulting and personal styling. My wardrobe clients were polished with a stellar professional image.

Is there a problem?
Unfortunately, I saw a problem. Dress an individual sharp and the audience expectation rises. What happens if the sharply dressed individual doesn’t live up to the standard set solely by her/his wardrobe? I realized it was a disservice to dress a client without knowing they had the soft skills to live up to the polished wardrobe style (leadership skills, executive presence, speaking skills, business etiquette).

Looking at the individual as microcosm of a larger problem, I repeatedly observed a breakdown between a successful brand and the staff portrayed of it. It was exceptionally wasteful. Knowing what the finished product would be – a highly impactful communicator – People-First BrandingSM was born.

What does Callosum value?
We believe the individual should be the first representative of a brand, not the last brand representation. We make clients more effective by making them more impactful to the audiences that matter.

In next week’s post, I’ll share what follows our value proposition. Until then, reflect the brand you are!

Clare Hefferren

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