Let’s continue last week’s post in which we covered the Callosum value proposition (We specialize in People-First BrandingSM. We believe the individual should be the first representative of a brand, not the last brand representation. We make clients more effective by making them more impactful to the audiences that matter). This week I’ll explain how breakdowns show up in three areas when an individual has ineffective interactions — personal life, employee life and business limitations.

Personal: Your career may be stalled. Your professional image may deteriorate. Your income growth may plateau. You realize you are struggling for success both in and outside of the office.

Employee: Staff talents are under-utilized. Projects/sales show lack of effectiveness. Staff feels management doesn’t champion their talents resulting in boredom and resignation. Staff engagement is low due to frequent initiative stop-starts lacking longevity.

Business limitations: Clients are under-serviced and potential revenue opportunities missed. Client interactions are inconsistent with brand portrayal or desired client experience. Business is challenged to land new clients.

To learn what happens when individuals and companies recognize they have these challenges, tune in next Friday for What happens when breakdowns occur”.

Clare Hefferren

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