Kismet Joe. Are You Connecting?

I’ve been having a lot of what I call ‘Cup of Joe’ chats lately. Why? Because:

  1. There are really cool people I’d like to get to know.
  2. To get outside of my head and hear a new perspective.
  3. To find my peeps globally for inspiration, mentorship and friendship.

People are naturally either a connector or not – meaning open or closed to sharing the people in their lives. I’m a connector. I am insatiably curious about people. Aren’t they fascinating!I’m the goofball who stands backwards in the elevator to see how riders react. I jive on building relationships through listening for golden moments of aligned sparks. By the way, you won’t be able to convert a non-networker so save your energy.

Today I had a phone chat with a super woman (No, not THE Super Woman. Protecting the anonymous.). With little agenda other than to get to know each other and share my future career plans, we set off as humans. It’s Friday and we’re both fortunate to haveSummer Fridays. We’d already planned for our afternoons. Me = Sunny road bike ride to Vail Pass. She = Bike commute home, hopefully beating the hail and tornados looming. Clearly we live in different climates.

Once we got our stride, the conversation flowed about passion, confusion (Eggs are bad. No, eggs are good. What??? I can’t keep up. Think I’ll eat a donut – – see that insertNational Donut Day plug). We agreed on the necessity of staying current with research, focused on experiential marketplace and how to determine the best thinking right now.

Ears open, eyes on trends and news, we never know what is around the corner.Fellow bike riders: The call felt similar to when your bike cadence hums, the ground passes under your wheels, and flexing muscles fall away to give focus to the surrounding beauty. So, pony up – or saddle up – with your beverage of choice and get to know another fascinating human being by allowing the conversations to brew and percolate action.

Please join the conversation. What’s your most recent favorite “Cup of Joe Chat?”

– – –

Side Notes: As I hung up the phone grinning, I thought of Brent Drever and his TedXVail 2016 StoryCorps talk. I wish I’d recorded the call for posterity and as a people-are-good reminder.

See what inspires me:

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Clare Hefferren

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