Brainwaves: Oct 2020 edition

Your Company Can Help Change the World Today, I bring you insight on how to support purpose-driven brands and how to turn your business into one. You’ll find that and more in the video explaining how your company can take its first steps to make a social impact and the benefits it will bring. Then,…

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Brainwaves: Sept 2020 edition

For people that want the best for their brand Today I bring you inside information on how we bring a brand to life. First, you’ll find a video explaining why it is important to nurture your brand and what we do to make it even stronger. Not convinced? Scroll down to see how we worked with…

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We Value Our Values

We Value Our Values Blog Post Header Image

Callosum’s 2019 rebrand helped us answer our why, complete with a brand audit and even a new, meaningful logo. We knew that as we value our values, it would guide our growing brand. A 2019 Forbes article describes it like this: “By identifying your company’s core values, you can better define your culture — your…

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A Broken Brand

Callosum Blog A Broken Brand Feature Image

Have you ever been embarrassed to hand out your business card? Or cringe when they ask for your website url? I own it. We made the cardinal sin of neglecting our own brand as we were distracted by client projects. It was a big fall. #bridesmaidsyndrome You know what? I was ok with a scraped…

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Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020

Outdoor Retailer SnowShow Event Feature

Trade Show: January 28-31.On-Snow Demo Days: February 3-4, 2020. Callosum’s niche is the Outdoor Industry and Mountain Lifestyle industries so our course our jam is the Outdoor Retailer Show! We’d love to chat at Denver’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show at the Denver Convention Center. We plan to attend Industry Intelligence Day on January 28th in addition to…

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Office Hours in Denver

Work in the Outdoor Industry and have a question? Starting Sept 11th, you can find Callosum’s founder, Clare, at Denver’s Wayfinder Co-op bi-weekly for office hours starting September 11th. Learn more here: The goal of holding office hours is to allow startup and early-stage companies/entrepreneurs the opportunity to spend time with an experienced brand marketing professional. Similar…

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Intellectual Buzz: Passion, Play & Workplace

After attending the quarterly Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition (OIWC) regional event in Boulder last week, I walked away with an intellectual buzz. As I’m committed to aligning my passions for the outdoors, innovation and supporting women, being a member of OIWC is an easy choice for me. While the event focused on mountain biking thanks to…

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Kismet Joe. Are You Connecting?

Callosum blog kismet joe

I’ve been having a lot of what I call ‘Cup of Joe’ chats lately. Why? Because: There are really cool people I’d like to get to know. To get outside of my head and hear a new perspective. To find my peeps globally for inspiration, mentorship and friendship. People are naturally either a connector or…

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