One Year In 90-Minutes Workshop Q4 2023

A 90-minute workshop to create your strategic brand marketing plan for the year to come. Normally Callosm only works in 6 or 12-month client projects, yet yet I offer this as a leg-up for those not able to commit to a longer contract. Designed for Outdoor Industry start-up and early-stage businesses, nonprofits, outfitters, and retailers.…

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A Deep-Dive Branding Retreat at A Backcountry Gem

Outdoor industry colleagues join Callosum’s Founder/CEO, Clare Hefferren, for a deep dive brand marketing retreat at Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge. Imagine immersing yourself in the rugged beauty of nature while we “plork” (play+work) together. Combining productivity with adventure, as new ideas are birthed in movement. “Clare is a phenomenal visionary and force in the outdoor…

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Quadruple Bottom Line Blueprint Workshop

Have you heard about the Quadruple Bottom Line? You’re doing a lot of the right things… building community, putting out content, and even driving change… but there is a gap between the impact you want to make and the revenues you want to generate. It might be because you’re making one of the biggest mistakes…

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One Year In 90-Minutes Workshop Q2 2023

One Year In 90-Minutes A 90-minute workshop to create your strategic brand marketing plan for the year to come. Normally Callosm only works in 6 or 12-month client projects, yet Clare’s servant leadership heart is feeling the airwaves squirm so she’s going out on pando limbs with a special offer. July 19, 2023 9:30-11am MST…

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West Slope Startup Week – The Quadruple Bottom Line

WSSW Quadruple Bottom Line Hero

Step inside the mind of an outdoor industry startup founder as he shares the foundation of his purpose-driven retail bike shop. From education and a health crisis, to shop conception and blossoming partnerships. Moderated by his branding agency, walk away having explored the highs and lows of navigating opening the doors for impact ahead. The…

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Leadership Live Fridays – The Nature of Leadership

Leadership Live Fridays

Merritt Minnemeyer, PCC, ELI-MP has the gift of asking thought-provoking questions which stay with you for days. What questions might you have for me? Master of One Coaching Leadership Live Friday is at it again! Join us Friday, June 17 2022, with special guest Clare Hefferren, as we talk about drawing inspiration and wisdom from the…

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Guest: Theresa Santiano-McHatton


Beyond Revenue: Adding Purpose To Your Brand Where conversation grounded in PURPOSE gives outdoor industry insight. Guest: Theresa Santiano-McHatton What can you expect? We always cover the guest’s purpose, how they integrate it into business, and the strategy behind growth. The flavor comes with each guest as they share a career thread. Bio: Theresa Santiano-McHatton…

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How To Optimize Entrepreneurial Life with Flow-state

Startup Colorado wraps up the blog series of the intersection of entrepreneurialism, burnout, and flow state. You’ve probably thought about flow-state from a sport perspective, but in today’s blog, Clare Hefferren shows us how it can be used in entrepreneurship. Read Part 3 in her series about surviving burnout and finding a better way of…

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Melanin Base Camp: #DiversifyOutdoors

We couldn’t predict the social injustices our country would face this year after centuries of oppression have plagued our nation. With this in mind, we sought out organizations that were dedicated to furthering inclusion in the outdoor recreation industry. In our research of social injustices, we were thrilled to find Melanin Base Camp as Callosum…

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