How To Optimize Entrepreneurial Life with Flow-state

Startup Colorado wraps up the blog series of the intersection of entrepreneurialism, burnout, and flow state. You’ve probably thought about flow-state from a sport perspective, but in today’s blog, Clare Hefferren shows us how it can be used in entrepreneurship. Read Part 3 in her series about surviving burnout and finding a better way of working (and living).

Excerpt: Some say I am disciplined, others rigid. Some admire the structure and others prefer chaos. I’ve found freedom in structure and I believe you can too. When in flow, the world melts away – even forgetting hunger and bladder needs, with a state of utter focus and ease. It’s a neurological cocktail of 5 chemicals and the best natural caffeine one can consume. When in flow you perform exponentially – what used to take 8 hours, now takes 3-4. As I watch citizen zombies cycle the day, I think, there is another way. It’s not about time, it’s about choices. Here are my favorite takeaways from my journey as a startup entrepreneur to burnout-proof your life and encourage flow.

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Clare Hefferren

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