7:30 – 9:00am | Illinois Technology Association – Marketing Roundtable.  – “The Human Element of Branding”. Guest Speaker, Clare Hefferren of Callosum Creative. Each and every time your associates come in contact with clients, an opportunity exists to build relationships and loyalty, promote your firm’s brand message, and identify additional client challenges and revenue opportunities. Capitalizing on these opportunities can occur only through brand platform alignment. Are your front-line personnel prepared internally and externally to engage with your clients?

Stepping beyond traditional marketing methods it’s essential to understand the human element of branding – commonly referred to as internal brand. Aligning staff and corporate brand through consistent presence and brand delivery, enhances your reputation and retains customers.

This event is designed for members; however guests may attend 2 to 3 events prior to joining. To register, click here.

Clare Hefferren

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