From CNBC, Dec. 15, 2001 Wear Flesh-Colored Underwear, UBS Tells Employees.

My thoughts? While UBS perhaps took the details too far, what unfortunately gets passed over is “why” a company creates a dress code. It is not to make employees feel imprisoned, take away rights or create robots. UBS appears to be tightening code on areas abused likely by a slim portion of staff. This is unfortunately a necessary evil. More importantly it shows UBS is placing value on the face to face communications with the clients, vendors, and prospects – bravo for them.

Image development for the staff as brand ambassadors is equally important as developing the corporate brand. Dress codes place the focus on work versus distracting wardrobe and ensure a polished impression is made when staff is representing the company. Instead of rebelling, the intelligent employee lives within the appropriate code while standing apart by developing a personal brand resulting in wider scope of executive presence and strategic career development.

Clare Hefferren

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